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Not drinking

The long-term benefits of not drinking

your body after sobriety

What happens to your body when you stop drinking

mobile phone addiction

Are you addicted to your phone?  

relationship breakup

How sober people survive breakups


What to do if they want a divorce


Why do some addicts relapse?

parents of addict child

A survival guide for parents of addicts

Running in recovery

Why running can help you stay sober

Female frienships

The power of female friendship in recovery

Therapy in addiction recovery

Why people in recovery must be in therapy

cause control cure addiction

Your guide to the three Cs of addiction

women sex and drinking

Your guide to how alcohol affects a woman’s sex drive

food to boost libido

Your guide to foods to boost your libido

Daily rituals

Daily rituals in addiction recovery


Are you addicted to stress?


Why It’s OK To Row

sexless marriage

Sexless Relationships


Jealousy In Relationships

going separate ways

How to get over being dumped

couple therapy

Do we need therapy?


Are you in a co-dependent relationship?


Ambivalence about parenthood


The real dangers of isolation


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