My supervision perspective is integrative, informed by a psychodynamic and behavioural training.

I provide ongoing clinical supervision for:

  • Psychosexual and relationship therapists.
  • Therapists working with couples.

I also provide occasional clinical supervision for therapists and other health professionals who need supervision and guidance working with a particular client / patient.

My role as a supervisor is:

  1. To ensure the therapist is working safely and ethically.
  2. To support the therapist's professional development.
  3. To ensure the therapist's work is not having a detrimental impact on their well-being.
  4. To offer insights, consult on challenges and difficulties the therapist encounters in their work with clients.
  5. To provide a safe and supportive space to reflect on the therapeutic work that is being done.

Fees for supervision:

  • 50-minute consultation: £80
  • 75-minute consultation: £115

I offer supervision online via Zoom or at my office in Wimbledon. 


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