Relationship Therapy

For couples, for individuals and for support with separation or divorce.

For Couples

All relationships take hard work, even the happy ones. We invest a lot in them. So, when they go wrong, it can feel incredibly upsetting. We can feel angry, stuck, alone, unable to get through to our partner anymore. Coming to therapy together can help you both think about your issues in a different way and encourage you to make the changes you once felt were impossible or just too daunting. Sometimes there can be a specific problem that you want help with, such as an affair, depression, infertility, bereavement or anxiety and stress. Couples also come for therapy because they've drifted apart, stopped communicating and lost the spark they once had. Discussing your problems with a professional third party can give you the tools you need to think about things in a more constructive way, so that you can move forward and be happy.

For individuals

Relationship therapy isn't all about couples. I work with individuals of all ages, men, and women, gay or straight, who want to look at their relationships and the sort of people they go out with. You might come to counselling to get over a difficult break-up. You may want to work out what's holding you back from having a relationship. Maybe you've found yourself dating the same sort of people time and time again and you want help to break that negative pattern. Some professional help might help.

For separation or divorce

Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to know whether a relationship is worth saving or not. If you've been unhappy for a while or you're tired of trying, it's still worth taking time to make sure you really want to separate. That's where therapy can help. Because, even if you don't have children any relationship breakdown can have lasting effects. The emotions can feel overwhelming, whether the decision to leave was yours or your partner's. So, the more thought and work you put in before and during your separation, the easier it will be to recover and build a new life. And if you do have children, you'll need to find a way to get along with your partner so that the kids don't suffer. Come together or on your own and let's try to make sense of what you're feeling and what you want to do about it.


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