Addiction Therapy

I offer a safe and supportive environment, free from judgment – something that even your loved ones can struggle to offer.

My process is specifically designed to foster lasting change, allowing you to manage your drinking or drug use in a way that feels do-able and is meaningful to you.


One of the most devastating and lasting effects of addiction can be on the relationships with loved ones and those close to an addict. Partners and family members can experience the alienation and loss of trust that often results from addiction and its accompanying behaviours.

Sometimes, the damage that an addiction has brought can seem irreparable. However, navigating the process of rebuilding and repairing relationships after addiction is key to a successful recovery.

Rebuilding a relationship after addiction takes time and it can be especially difficult early on.

People struggling with addiction often need professional help to live a sober lifestyle. The same is true when it comes to repairing broken relationships and re-establishing your intimate life. Whether it’s you who has a problem with addiction or you’re a family member or partner of an addict, therapy can help you make sense of everything that’s happened and find the best way forward.

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